Q. Is there a cost associated with downloading the app?
A. No. It is free.
Q. Is the food delivered?
A. Right now we only have a carry out /pick up option, but we are hopeful that we would be able to it in the future.
Q. Is there a limit on the amount per order?
A. At this time we only take orders not exceeding 150$.
Q. Can I order thru the app and pay at the restaurant?
A. No , you have to pay thru credit or debit card in the app for the order to be processed.
Q. Will I be refunded the amount in case of a failed order or if the restaurant fails to process my order?
A. Yes, absolutely.
Q. Will I be refunded if I am late or fail to pickup an order?
A. Your order once confirmed to be picked up , will be held for an hour. If you fail to pick up your payment will not be refunded by us, how ever you are welcome to talk to the restaurant manager and see if something can be done by them.
Q. Can we place an order for a future date or time?
A. Not at time, but we might possibly add this feature at a later point in time.
Q. Can we make catering orders thru the app?
A. Not at this point in time, but we hope to provide this service in the near future.